Hi there, and welcome to Kat Chen Partners―a long term investment company. I started investing when I was 15 years old, inspired by my mom, who day traded like a maniac (and still does). I would baby sit for some extra spending money, and then take my earnings (less expenses) and invest in one or two very high quality stocks. I did well for myself, and seemed to display a knack for investing at that young, spritely age. After, I started Kat Chen Partners in my dorm room sophomore year of college, then subsequently put the venture on hold while I spent my twenties “finding myself”, and, [apparently] having done that, in 2012, came back to reestablish Kat Chen Partners with investments from a few of my closest friends―my partners.

What I came to learn is that the same philosophy I partook upon when I was 15 is the same philosophy that works today: I invest in only one or two stocks for the long term, and as I get more cash, I continue to invest in those same one or two stocks as long as the underlying quality and management of those companies hold true. There is no financial trickery, leverage, or esoteric financial terminology used here―just good old-fashioned long term investing.

My numbers are good, but in this market upswing, they are not miraculous, and perhaps, may even be quite ubiquitous. I ask to be judged over the long term and against other investors, institutions, and the S&P 500, and through that, my partners can determine if I am doing well by their money.

While my mom is a day trader, I can say with absolute certainty that I am not; I enjoy looking at stock prices every day, but if I didn’t, I’d be fine. I rarely, if ever sell, and pretty much only click the “buy” button. I invest knowing that I can go to bed every night peacefully and with little worry. Thus far, I’m happy with my and my partners’ results. My hope with Kat Chen Partners is to create a little piece of what I'd like to see in the world, and by that, I mean long term investment in a few stocks that I deeply understand. That may go against the grain in an investment world that values diversification, daily stock trades, and short term thinking, but my hope is to chip away at that world little by little through Kat Chen Partners, and maybe help create a healthier financial system while I’m at it. I’m so proud, humbled, and deeply honored that my partners have diverted a part of their money away from traditional fund managers/banks/etc., and have instead entrusted me with their hard-earned dollars. Together, we’re building a financial partnership that’s quite satisfying, and, maybe, just a little bit different. 

Katharine Chen, General Partner